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To my valued patients:

Welcome! Thank you for your time in visiting my website. I know that you have many choices, and I am honored that you have chosen my site to read about my background and my belief.

My name is Dr. Murni, but most of my patients call me Rusdy. I grew up in Orange County, California. I completed my undergraduate degree at Loma Linda University in 1985. After graduation, I worked as a (chemist) lab tech at Borden Industrial Food. In 1987, I attended Tufts University in Boston to study dentistry. In 1989, I transferred to Loma Linda University in California to complete my dental education, and I graduated in 1992.

I have been practicing dentistry for over 20 years, mostly in California. Dentistry is an important, integral part of the overall optimum health of our living, where the proper nutrients are obtained to sustain our well-being. Only by having a proper masticatory function that our body be able to receive the entire nutrient that is needed to sustain longer and healthier life.

In my practice, we don't focus on cosmetic dentistry alone, but instead, we emphasize more on how to obtain proper chewing (masticatory) function first. This could be achieved by doing proper orthodontic, prosthetics rehab, TMD correction, and restorative dentistry. When this primary objective has been achieved, it is up to our patients to pursue the cosmetic part of dentistry! For this reason, I will give my patient unbiased and honest professional advice regarding their dental treatment/needs. This is my practice philosophy that I will hold dearly, and it is reflected in every patient that I serve.

I know that they have trusted me to treat them with their oral problems, and it has been my honor to receive that trust. I hope that someday I will know my new patients not just as patients but as my good friends as well. Welcome to our practice! And as always, it is a privilege to serve you.